Solar pump inverter


Suitable for all kinds of pumps, including single phase 220V pump

Compatible with all popular solar panels

Support AC input, could switch to grid power supply to make system work 24 hours


Built-in MPPT technology with up to 99% efficiency

With water level detection function, automatically regulate the pump flow to prevent dry running, full  water level,etc.

Self-adaptation to the motor’s power rating

3.High Cost-effectiveness 

Plug-and-play system design,no need to set any parameter

Wide range of input voltage

No need battery, suitable for all kinds of applications

Easy installation and effortless maintenance


10-year market proven experience of leading motor and pump drive technology

Soft start feature to prevent water hammer and increase system life

Built-in over voltage, overload, under voltage and weak sunshine protection

5.Remote Monitoring

Standard RS485 interface, support to remote monitor the system with MICNO software on PC

Optional GPRS module for remote monitoring

Spots value of solar pump parameters monitoring available from anywhere

Support the lookup of the history parameters of solar pump system







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